Institute of High Voltage & Power Transmission

“Prof. Gottfried Gotter”

Faculty of Exact Sciences and Technology

National University of Tucuman

The Institute of High Voltage & Power Transmission (IATTE) is a partner for research and development in the domain of electrical energy. Our know-how is based on well-founded expert knowledge, with teaching at engineering, master and doctorate levels.

The IATTE is conformed by three Laboratories:

  • Numerical Simulation Laboratory, for phenomena involving electromagnetic fields and power systems.
  • Measurement Laboratory, for instrument calibration and special electrical measurements
  • High Voltage Laboratory, involving two testing rooms for medium and high voltages.

The IATTE has organized the 20th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering ISH 2017



The National University of Tucuman has created the first Argentine university laboratory in high voltage in 1960, now become the Institute of High Voltage and Power Transmission “Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gottfried Gotter”.

Thanks to our extensive experience in high voltage engineering we can provide high quality research and support in all high voltage related areas.

The basic equipment in our laboratories:

  • 1400 kV 35 kJ Impulse generator
  • 600 kV 4 kJ Impulse generator
  • 400 kV 40 kVA AC test transformer
  • 250 kV 25 kVA AC test transformer
  • 120 kV 6 kVA AC test transformer
  • 120 kV DC generator
  • Dielectric loss & capacitance measurements
  • Partial discharge measurements
  • HV tests under artificial rain
  • LF electric and magnetic fields measurement and calibration
  • 1 kA AC current tests

Our research subjects:

  • Electrical discharges
  • Metrology in HV
  • Dynamic behaviour of grounding systems
  • EM field calculation
  • Surge arrester modeling
    Our test experience covers a broad range of expertise:
  • Air insulation
  • Electrical discharges
  • Metrology in HV
  • Lightning impulse tests
  • Partial discharge measurements
  • Insulation tests with AC and DC
  • Lightning protection
  • Insulation coordination
  • Surge arrester assessment
  • Grounding systems
  • EM field calculation
  • ELF-EM field exposure and environmental effects


Campus "Ing. R.Herrera"
Av. Independencia 1800 - (4000) S.M. de Tucuman, Argentina
Phone/Fax: +54.381.436 1784


The IATTE is located in the University Center “Ing. Roberto Herrera”, Faculty of Exact Sciences and Technology of the National University of Tucuman, Av. Alem 1800, San Miguel de Tucuman.