VIII Meeting of OpenFOAM users

Eighth Meeting of OpenFOAM® Users of Argentina (Tucumán, Argentina, November 2018) Users, developers and other interested parties are invited to participate in this eighth meeting to be held during  MECOM 2018 in the month of November.

OpenFOAM® is a computer library for Finite Volumes oriented to the operation of all types of scalar, vector and tensor fields. The user has, from it, the possibility of implementing own solvers or using the ones provided by selecting them from a wide range that includes direct numerical simulation, flow to free surface (VOF), multifluid problems, incompressible flow, fluid – structure interaction, stresses in solids, etc. The calculations are carried out using C ++ compiled code and using parallelization with execution speeds and results according to codes of first level.

All these capabilities and the fact that OpenFOAM® is an open source library (GNU GPL license) make it a great contribution to the professional and scientific community, making it possible to use it for research and development.

The meeting provides an opportunity for attendees to share experiences in the use of this tool, cases of success in research, development and consulting, implementation of new solvers, general use, documentation, etc., thus strengthening the existing collaboration network.

Those who are taking their first steps in the use of OpenFOAM® or are interested in knowing the tool are especially invited.

Those interested can contact: Santiago Márquez Damián; email: